What Zelkova Expects for a Pitch Meeting

August 28th, 2012 by Jay Levy View Comments

Bryce Roberts over at O’Reilly Ventures wrote a post about the state of startup pitch meetings. One of the commenter’s made a valid point, we investors should be more open to what our expectations are.  The following are our recommendations on what entrepreneurs should be prepared to present in an initial pitch.

First off, be on time, on and on time I mean come 5 minutes early to the meeting.  Next we typically will let you get setup in our conference alone, I just think its less awkward to give you some time to get your self ready and situated without other people in there (yes we have working wifi).  From they’re its critical you have materials that are used to guide the discussion.  Typically these materials include a presentation that is best displayed on projector.  At some point during the presentation hop over to some type of demo if possible.

Now for what should be in the presentation, here is what we would like to see:

  • Team Overview
  • The Concept / Product
  • The Market
  • The Competition
  • Current Business Status
  • The Ask
  • Use of Funds / Objective / Targets
  • Current Funding Status

Pet Peeve’s During a Pitch Meeting

  1. Being Late – yes we are in midtown and traffic sucks, account for it
  2. Expecting me to watch a presentation on your computer or your ipad, when we could just put it up on the screen and be more comfortable
  3. Entrepreneur Not Leading the meeting… take charge
  4. Going significantly over on time, typically figure 45 minutes
  5. Coming in if you are sick…  reschedule we will respect it more

Remember the point of the first meeting its to engage us enough that we want to sit down and talk further, if you are expecting to walk out with a check you are going to be let down.



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