Techstars Demo Day June 2012

June 20th, 2012 by Caroline Scheinfeld View Comments

On June 14, Techstars NYC exhibited their 3rd class of graduating startups at Webster Hall. The demo day featured 13 companies chosen from a talented applicant pool of 1600 other businesses.

Investors, press as well as other members of the tech scene eagerly listened to the 13 companies pitch their brainchildren in the hopes to secure fundraising. The CEO’s ranged from college graduates, serial entrepreneurs, college dropouts, international entrepreneurs as well as one Brazilian who sported a 3-year-old beard! As a female, I am excited to share 5 out of the 13 CEO’s were indeed women!

Spearheading Techstars NYC, David Tisch, seamlessly led the demo day with opening and closing remarks focused on the growth and evolution of the NYC tech scene. To date, Techstars NYC has funded 36 companies and has created a deeply entrenched network of passionate entrepreneurs and mentors. Through active participation and mentorship, many Techstar alumni have remained deeply intertwined with the incubator.

During a brief intermission, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh shared the ingredients he deems necessary for the creation of great companies. The fundamental parts of the success equation according to Hsieh are great corporate culture and a higher purpose beyond profitability. Following Hsieh, Tisch confirmed the importance of corporate culture sharing Techstars’ core focus to foster and construct a foundation based upon community and culture.

Here is a quick preview of each of the 13 companies:

Smallknot is a platform, which allows people to support their neighborhood by investing locally. Through Smallknot, users can fund and connect with the small businesses they engage with on a daily basis.

Wander aggregates all your memories, aspirations and travel experiences in one easy to use platform. Wander believes they have revolutionized to how people discuss locations through an additional layer of nostalgia and detailed suggestions.

Moveline has created a different way to move leveraging facetime and other mobile app features. Users can use technology to inventory the goods they wish to pack and move as well as find the right movers in a more seamless fashion. enables users to manage their digital history through an online platform. serves to make large date personal and make personal data powerful.

Bondsy is a single platform for sharing and bartering. It its not only a marketplace but also a serendipitous place where users can use their social graph to buy, sell and trade an array of different items.

Marquee reorganizes how content is currently delivered on the web. Marquee strives to create a friction-less platform, where the need for developers is absent and users can create beautiful and profitable content.

Classtivity serves as a one stop-shop location for users to find recreational as well as fitness classes available in their neighborhood. Classtivity also enables class providers to market directly to their target audience!

10Sheet re-invents bookkeeping by removing companies reliance on humans to complete their books. 10Sheet prides itself as the first digital bookkeeper by automating 95% of the work previously done by human bookkeepers.

Pickie publishes a personalized magazine updated daily based on products mentioned by friends, as well as other preferred influencers. Pickie stresses how social proof greatly influences consumers purchasing decisions but also is currently fragmented and unstructured in today’s market.

Lua is a communication and project management service platform for mobile workforces. Lua strives to replace walkie talkies as well solve problems with coordination and file distribution.

Karma is the world’s first software focused mobile provider, which lacks subscriptions, monthly fees as well as no surprise fees. Users can bring their own bandwidth, which is not tied to a device or a network.

Poptip is socially integrated real time feedback allowing brands/companies to connect with the audiences they wish to target. It is the first native social feedback, where users can have their voice heard!

C1 has created a new way to view video content through an immersive experience. Through C1’s technology, video is no longer a passive experience but an evolution from still images.

In the fall, Techstars NYC held their 2nd demo day where Bloomberg petitioned and shared his contagious support for NYC to be a startup hub. This spring’s demo day confirms Bloomberg was right, NYC is on to become a head on competitor to Silicon Valley!


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