Encoding.com is Hiring a Senior Product Manager

August 26th, 2010 by Jay Levy View Comments

Encoding.com one of our fast growing companies in the digital media / online video space is looking for a Senior ProductManager.  The role is based in San Francisco and you get to work with an amazing team in an fast growing space.

About Encoding.com
Encoding.com, the world’s largest video encoding service with over one-million media files encoded per month, makes video transcoding into all popular formats easy, cost-effective and instantly scalable. Over 500 global enterprises and SMBs–Video platform providers, professional video agencies, and video websites–realize substantial efficiencies, reductions in capital costs, infinite scalability via cloud computing, and guaranteed service level agreements when entrusting the essential and dynamic transcoding portion of their video creation workflow to Encoding.com. Encoding.com received Series A funding in 2010 from Metamorphic Ventures and angel investors: Patrick Condon, Fred Hamilton, Zelkova Ventures, Dave Morgan and Allen Morgan. It was selected as an Editors’ Picks for 2010 by StreamingMedia.com. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business is based in Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, California.

Click here for the job description and application info.

If you are somebody I personally know and want to chat about this, I could even make a personal introduction.


Breaking the Process

August 16th, 2010 by Jay Levy View Comments

One of the things we take very seriously at Zelkova is being able to get together with our companies.   In order to make this happen the majority of our portfolio is centered in three cities:  San Francisco, New York and Boulder.

Prior to investing in seed rounds we tend to have several in person meetings and both Larry and I meet the teams.  Occasionally there comes an hurdle that not everyone is able to meet in person.  To get around this we try to use technology to help bring everyone together, but it never works as well.  For a while we were doing live skype calls, which area always awkward and marred by technology issues.  Lately we have been asking companies to do intro videos, which seem to work better as they can be watched anytime, multiple times and are less awkward on both sides.

One of these deals is Rapportive, in fact this is the only deal we have invested in without meeting in person prior.  Here is their video, as you can see it very much focuses on who they are, which is a critical element of seed stage investing.


Amtrak, Nakedness and Distress

July 14th, 2010 by Jay Levy View Comments

Yesterday I headed up to Boston to judge the 2nd round of the Mass Challenge, which was fun.  I’m going to write a future post about judging startup competitions, but this yesterday was one of those days I just need to document.

6:00am – Wakeup to catch an early train, I hate getting up this early.

7:30am – Walk into bathroom at Penn Sation to wash hands, full of homeless people brushing their teeth.

8:00am – Take Acela to boston, nothing exciting here.

11:45am – Walk into bathroom at Boston South Station…  Man fully naked taking a shower in the sink, I walk out, but apparently doesn’t phase the other 10 people using the bathroom.

1:00pm – Judge mass challenge (more to come later)

7:00pm – Take train back, delayed about 1.5 hrs, sucks!

12:00am – Arrive at Penn Station.

12:15am – Man falls on escalator and cant get up about a dozen people just stand and watch, I run up the escalator and lift him up.

What has happened to people in this country, you see a person in distress and you don’t do anything?


LiveFyre is looking for 2 Engineers

May 25th, 2010 by Jay Levy View Comments

LiveFyre, a San Fran startup, is looking to bring on 2 more kick ass engineers. LiveFyre is all about unifying conversations across the web and wants to rule the talking world!

Qualities You Need to Have:
- Creative Problem Solving Type
- You get and are into the ‘real-time’ web
- You like working with small teams, these roles are the 3rd and 4th tech hir

Stuff You Need to Know:
- JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, PHP, Python, MySql, HTML, CSS
- Other acronyms

Bonus if you know:
- Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO, XMPP, Java Server

Other Info:
- The position is in San Francisco

More Info Here – http://hackerjob.livefyre.com/

Re-tweet this one so we can help reduce unemployment!


Congrats to NutshellMail and Constant Contact

May 24th, 2010 by Jay Levy View Comments

We are excited to announce the acquisition of one of our portfolio companies NutshellMail to Constant Contact. Below is a portion of the announcement NutshellMail sent out to their users.

Constant Contact, the premier provider of email marketing, event marketing and online survey products for small businesses, nonprofits and member organizations. Together with Constant Contact, the NutshellMail team will continue its commitment to providing tools and services that make it easy for you to manage your relationships across the social media universe.

NutshellMail will remain a free service and we will continue to improve and extend the product based on the great feedback you have given us over the last two years. In addition, as part of the Constant Contact family, we can’t wait to start developing new and exciting offerings that will empower individuals and small organizations to efficiently and effectively engage with their friends, fans and customers through social media.

Constant Contact has distinguished itself as the leader in small business email marketing through its unparalleled commitment to customer service and by providing effective, affordable, and easy-to-use products and services for some of the busiest people in the world: small business owners.

Constant Contact makes email marketing simple; NutshellMail makes social simple, and together we plan to make small business success simple.

To learn more about the powerful combination of Constant Contact and NutshellMail, we encourage you read the press release and to watch the video interview with Constant Contact’s CEO Gail Goodman and the NutshellMail founders.


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