Tweets of the Week – 9/17/10

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Week two of our new segment, Tweets of the Week…


Works by Dan Marino

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When we developed the new Zelkova website about a year ago we wanted it to be different than the typical venture site.  We asked our development group, Barrel NY, to come up with some ideas, which incorporated some of my photography.

Part of the vision was to be able to use the site to show off other photographers work and we are doing that on the home page today.  The fun photo was taken by a long time friend and colleague Dan Marino.  Dan left the world of finance several years’ back to pursue his dream of photography and has been producing some great stuff.   You can visit Dan’s website at .

Dan also own’s Brooklyn Studio Tours, an open artist studio forum to expose local NYC emerging artists, and TopStar Gallery, a virtual and moving brick and mortar gallery designed to expose artists by offering art licensing and print sales.

About the Artist
Daniel Marino is a resident New Yorker; born (1975) and raised in Brooklyn, NY where he still currently resides today. His inspiration and passion towards photography starts with his NYC imagery; shooting the city in a non-traditional manner and focusing on interesting & cultural architectural detail.

Dan’s work can be seen on display in September in two locations:

September 16 – 19
The Silhouette Condos | Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, NY
“The World Through Our Eyes” Photography Exhibition

September 25 – October 31
BWAC Gallery | Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Lineage Group Exhibition

Brooklyn Studio Tours
Oct 23 – 24


Tweets of the Week

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Below is a list of some interesting tweets by and about our companies.  Thanks to Burt & Xavier at Storify for letting me play around with an early version of the product.


Welcoming TechStars to NYC

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We are big supporters of accelerator programs.  For startups the mentorship, direction, community and connections programs like TechStarsbrings is priceless. For investors these programs help teach entrepreneurs the ‘ways’ and gets them on the fight track, reducing some risk.  For communities it provides a hub of innovation and excitement.

It’s great to see a TechStars come to NYC. and team know the model, how to replicate it and have the track record.  The largest beneficiary of the model and track record are the startups, they know the value they gain from it, its one less unknown.

They have lined up some amazing mentors in people like , , , Kal Vepuri, ,  , , and many more (click here for the full list of mentors).

We are very excited to be an investor in TechStars NYC and look forward to seeing the program do great things for startups, investors and the community.

They couldn’t have selected a better guy to run the program in , he is going to kick ass!

To learn more about the program or apply Click Here


NewsBasis is Hiring Hackers & Visionaries

August 30th, 2010 by Jay Levy View Comments

NewsBasis, based in San Francisco, is currently hiring developers.  NewsBasis mission is to build a web platform to make the relations between companies and journalists more efficient and relevant to all parties.  The team launched earlier this month and has gotten some great coverage and reviews.

If you are interested click here to learn more.


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