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September 27th, 2010 by Caroline Scheinfeld View Comments

Note from Jay: Caroline recently started working at Zelkova assisting with company diligence, industry research and general venture capital “stuff’”.  I’ve asked Caroline to write an occasional post on her view’s and thoughts of our industry.

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On September 13, 2010, I entered the virtual world of decks, API’s, URL’s and convertible debt. With an undergraduate degree in Textiles, the venture capital and technology market was a foreign and seemingly intangible concept to me. With Jay Levy’s expertise and mentorship, I found myself quickly immersed in Venture Cap jargon and eager to meet as many entrepreneurs as humanely possible.

Each day a handful of smart, computer savvy, forward thinking entrepreneurs walked through our office doors pitching their decks and innovative website approaches. The entrepreneurs’ zest and passion for their creations re-iterated the excitement present in this business. Their sheer enthusiasm and knowledge paired with Jay’s instinctive business talent captivated me, illustrating the perks of an industry I never dared to enter.

In addition to scheduled meetings, I attended Dog Patch Labs Demo Day, which consisted of seven start-ups along with a group of V.C.’s. Each start-up presented their decks and walked through their websites, in search of finding some future investors. The event enabled me to meet the other members of the NY Tech scene as well as see the tech market trends. I also attended the Mobile Co. Summit, which featured panels’ roundtable discussions on mobile: apps, marketing, advertising and check-in/LBS. This event depicted the benefits and drawbacks of the future of all things mobile.

As a woman, after my first week reviewing early stage companies, and attending conferences the lack of female representation in the tech world became apparent. Despite the lack of women, I was embraced and motivated to become a part of New York’s version of Silicon Valley.

I look forward to many more Zelkova Ventures updates!


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Jay Levy

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