Kohort – How to Stealth Correctly

April 18th, 2011 by Jay Levy View Comments

Today TechCrunch announced that Mark Davis has closed $3m in funding for he and Steve Blood’s new startup Kohort. Along the funding announcement you can also go claim your username prior to launch, go to http://www.kohort.com .

Generally speaking I have been pretty vocal about my disdain for startups to be in stealth mode, but Mark was able to convince me why limiting the knowledge out there was important for Kohort and was more beneficial than being public. The team at Kohort is working on something that can have profound impact on many stakeholders and in the process disrupt many existing players, keeping tight lips on it was important in this case.

While Kohort is in stealth mode they didn’t walk around asking people to sign NDA’s or acting all royal, he instead engaged the right people at the right time.

The lesson learned here is that a stealth mode doesn’t have to mean tell nobody, it’s more have a plan on engaging and telling people what you are up to, but also think carefully if stealth mode is right for you and your company.



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