Girl Power!

October 3rd, 2012 by Caroline Scheinfeld View Comments

As an all-girl school alumna, I greatly appreciate any networks that foster, bolster and inspire women to conquer their goals. Prior to the world of Venture Capital, I was entrenched in a female dominated space: fashion.  I had my fair share of long bathroom lines as well as minimal contact with men uninterested in Vogue. Upon entering the tech startup community, I felt Silicon Alley lacked the estrogen I had grown accustomed to!

After 2 years immersed in the entrepreneur startup tech world, I am proud to say the number of female founded companies and female members of startup teams has grown exponentially. The growing number of women in Silicon Alley is partially due to the presence of companies like Women In Mobile (WIM) and Golden Seeds, which both support female entrepreneurs. WIM is a tech startup incubator intended for companies founded by at least one woman. WIM encourages female businesses fiscally as well as provides them with a curriculum similar to organizations like TechStars. WIM also illustrates the broad spectrum of female-headed companies extending beyond beauty and fashion. Like WIM, Golden Seeds’ investment criteria focus solely on companies founded by women. Golden Seeds is comprised of angel investors who rally behind women in hopes their investments will result in a successful portfolio of female companies.

A few weeks ago, WIM and Levo Labs hosted Plum Alley’s launch party, an exclusive e-commerce site where female founded companies are promoted and showcased. All the companies featured on Plum Alley are provided with custom graphics and logos, which are archived in the company site. As networks supporting women continue to develop, I truly believe more women will have the confidence to transform their ideas into fully functioning businesses due a boost from companies like Plum alley as well as the expanding female ecosystem in the startup world.

In previous blogs I discuss the drier cycle most women face in their fundraising cycle due to the sea of male investors, which will hopefully decrease with the uprising of the companies listed above. Part of Plum Alley’s mission is for “successful female entrepreneurs (to) have the economic power to invest in new female founded companies”…which results in “a greater pool of investment funds” hopefully ending the drier cycle!!!

As women, we have to support one another and eliminate as many barriers as possible!!! Lets put more females on the cover of Forbes! Who knows maybe one day, one of my readers will make front page of a glossy business magazine!! Historian and educator, Samuel Eiot Morison, once said, “Dream dreams, then write them. Aye, but live them first.” Build those companies, and then have TechCrunch write about them!!!!


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