Facebook Timeline Apps – Foodspotting and Fab

January 19th, 2012 by Jay Levy View Comments

This evening Facebook launched their Open Graph app platform with over 60 partners. We are exited that two Zelkova companies were part of the launch, Fab.com and Foodspotting. The Open Graph platform will allow for deep app integration into Facebook helping developers improve product functionality, usability and reach.

The Foodspotting Open Graph app will allow users to easily share with their friends all the foods they love and want. Now ill be able tocheck out the recommendations of my friends right within Facebook.

The Fab.com Open Graph app will expand on the social shopping experience the Fab team is building. Now you will be able to share theproducts you buy on Fab with your Facebook friends. Oh and as a kicker you will earn a $10/month credit on Fab when you enable social shopping.

Kudos to Facebook for taking privacy seriously and building easy to use tools to manage these apps.


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Jay Levy

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