Fabulis is Fabulous

September 29th, 2010 by Jay Levy View Comments

We recently invested in Fabulis, a newly launched fast growing social network for Gay men. As usual we wanted to provide an overview of why we invested…

The Team is Awesome!
Jason Goldberg, who previously started SocialMedian, which was acquired by Xing, founded Fabulis. Prior to that Jason founded Jobster. With three start-ups, Jason is well aware if the highs and lows associated with new companies.

The Market
The market is rapidly increasing, with 25m gay male facebook users alone. The demographic are early adopters in terms of technology. Gay men have disposable income and are twice as likely to make online purchases as the general population.

The Vision
Fabulis aims to be a service that gay men and their friends use to discover what’s hot: where to go, what to buy, and who to meet, opposed to a dating site. We see a gap in the market, which this demo appears to fill.

The Progress
Upon the site’s launch, Fabulis has rolled out a second generation of their product along with an iphone app. Most impressively and importantly they have over 80,000 members, a number growing by 5,000 each week.

Keep your eye on Fabulis.com they are going to make big waves!


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