Eating Our Own Dog Food (1 of 2)

September 12th, 2012 by Jay Levy View Comments

As investors we get great pride in being able to show off our companies, especially thru our own use of the products. The consumer facings companies are easy for us to use, I buy stuff on Fab all the time (just take a look at our waiting area), regularly check my influence on Klout (yes you have a higher klout and more followers that I do, you won!), and determine what to eat for dinner on FoodSpotting, but some of the B2B companies can be a bit more difficult for us to implement.

Given that, I’m always excited when we get to use one of our B2B companies and we recently were able to implement RJ Metrics.  RJ Metrics is a hosted business intelligence platform that allows companies to better manage, analyze and report data / metrics. What impressed me most about RJ Metrics is the ease of setup (I’m not a coder/database guy or anything else of the like and got my stuff up and running in about an hour), the ongoing creation process (RJ Metrics allows you to easily create deep, complex and powerful charts with no tech knowledge) and lastly the UI is perfect for what RJ Metrics in intended for.  By providing RJ Metrics with some basic data about each of our investments (company, $ invested, market value, location, etc) we are able to quickly understand key data points about our portfolio.

If you are looking for a great tool to manage and report data across your organization take a look at RJ Metrics.

Don’t just take my word for it… here are some posts from Jason at Fab about how they are using it.

- Behind the Scenes: How Fab Raised $40 Million with a lot of Data and Not Much Pain

- Betashop Joins RJ Metrics

One more thing… in the coming week’s ill be announcing a new project i’m working on that is allowing us to use 10+ of our portfolio companies.



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