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August 13th, 2012 by Caroline Scheinfeld View Comments

On a sunny New York summer day, a room filled with bustling investors and bouncy entrepreneurs illustrated startup dreams can be fulfilled by a fairy godmother disguised as Dreamit Ventures. While the number of tech startup incubators in the USA is quickly climbing, Dreamit has a unique approach incorporating teams from both the USA and Israel. Founded 3 years ago, Dreamit Ventures’ mantra stands to “help great people with great ideas build great companies.” Not only is funding imperative to a budding startup but also support, help and guidance are crucial or success. According to DreamIt founder, when the management team scrupulously sifts through applications, they “look for the people behind the company,” they “want to see a team and people who are extraordinary.” Like many other incubators, Dreamit realizes mentorship is a factor in the evolution of startups, which is why the 15 companies who participated in this past class each receive one-on-one mentorship as well as other professional services (legal, accounting and administrative help). The Dreamit program provides each company with seed funding of up to $25k, connections to investors, a community of other entrepreneurs as well as weekly speakers series and checkins with designated mentors. Founder of Dreamit explains their secret sauce is: when you strip away many obstacles for entrepreneurs (e.g. legal issues etc), support them and place them all in a room together, “a little bit of magic might happen.” The presenting companies appeared to be full of magic as they pitched a breadth of businesses from relighting couples’ sparks to a personal automated assistant. DreamIt extended their program to 5 Israeli companies who contributed to the 15-company class this past year. DreamIt strives to make dreams reality for all different types of entrepreneurs, encouraging everyone to participate in the startup revolution. The 5 Israeli startups spend 1 month in Israel, followed by 3 months in NYC and 2 more months in an Israeli workspace. DreamIt tries to sew up any loopholes it sees in the startup world, shaping its decision to close the market gap for Israeli companies bringing them to NYC.

The 15 companies are as follows:

Tripl creates the first ever travel graph by consuming all the geo tags in your social networks. Based on your friends’ geo tags stories about their travels as well as users connection to specific places is a created.


IndieWalls brings together venues’ walls and artists work, creating rotating exhibitions. The art displays not only help artists sell their work but also attract visitors to hotels, restaurants and other spaces where Indiewalls are displayed.


Cargo Networks is the first beauty subscription service to target the unique needs of specialty markets such as African Americans, Hispanics, Indians and fashion conscious men. After filling out a grooming profile, users receive a box of travel size products, which they can purchase directly from Cargo Network.


Bazaart is an ipad app, which reinvents fashion catalogs for the digital era. Bazaart takes the beauty of fashion catalogs and combines it with people’s interest for the iPad. It is a personal fashion catalog where users can shop directly on their created pages.


Weesh helps couples that desire to break their routines by learning about fun new activities from other couples. It is an event discovery platform in a social network community for couples.


Cubiez is a marketplace of apps for PC’s. Users can choose aps from the market place and with one click they are added neatly to your computer minimizing the amount of open windows on desktops.


KidNimble is the first social search engine that aids parents in the discovery of programs for their kids. Parents can manage, organize and process their children’s activities as well as find feedback on specific programs.


Saborstudio is a gaming platform, which focuses on location, revolutionizing mobile games. Saborstudio’s technology allows them to make beautiful, engaging games, quickly and cost effectively.


Winston is an advanced personal assistant app. The speech-enabled personal assistant summarizes the content users have selected, which it dictates in a story telling manner along with your schedule and local weather . Users can also personalize their own channels, which recap social activities of specific people in their social networks.


TopShelf is fashion intelligence, which analyzes consumers shopping behavior and sends them personalized looksbooks created by stylists. If users wish to have more than weekly lookbooks, they can purchase a premium subscription model, which helps busy women save time shopping!


Teamalaya encourages employees to play games and engage with others on their interactive platform. The company promises that members of the workforce who use this will become more motivated!


Dejamor sends monthly care packages to couples that want to enhance their love lives. Two packages are sent to users, one for her eyes only and one for his.


WineMe revolutionizes the wine discovery experience for consumers and enables them to purchase recommended wines locally. Based on purchase history and a taste graph, WineMe tell users what to they would like, acting as a personal sommelier.


Branch.ly looks at people in your social networks and organizes them into lists based on requests and interests of users. Branch.ly strives to answer the question of “do you know anyone who does this…”


Vantageous turns 3 phones into a 3-camera studio. Vantageous enables multi-angle videography to be easy and affordable! In other words, anyone with 3 smart devices can create professional looking videos.


In the concluding remarks, DreamIt founder quoted Wayne Gretsky who said you “miss 100% of the shots you never take.” All the entrepreneurs who comprise the 15 companies are taking shots, congrats to them and all those who made today’s demo day possible!


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