Day 2 of Launch: Launch off your chair and MEET PEOPLE!

February 24th, 2011 by Caroline Scheinfeld View Comments

Day 2 of the Launch conference, I realized the power of social networking not just online but off. The real world version of “friend me” is “here’s my card shoot me an email,” but exchanging cards is not enough. Engage with those in your environment. Freezing in the main atrium of the Launch conference I began a conversation with another attendee who was also trying to shake the chill. This real-world social networking led to invaluable advice. Too frequently, people cling to their smart phones/lap tops and avoid in-person contact. Talented entrepreneurs occupy the stages and booths, but attendees are just as significant. The art of direct conversation beyond a keyboard or screen has become an almost extinct behavior. While society has become dependent on technology, we must not forget to interact with the people in our environment minus our gadgets. YOU NEVER KNOW whom you’ll meet and their effect. I conversed with someone who provided different investment strategies confirming the importance of human capital. As a population, we must not overlook the power of PEOPLE and direct communication. Technology is wonderful. It has created more efficiency and illustrated untapped needs we never knew we had. An idea, a site, a company are only parts of the puzzle. The glue and MOST essential part is the TEAM.

Everyone loves social networks because they provide communities, why not leverage a real world community and combine interpersonal skills with the viral effect of the Internet. Like a demo you saw? Blog about the company! Spread the word! Transfer your real life connections to the online space. Leverage the viral nature of the Internet, but first, use your voice and meet people offline!

Do not just take, give! If we love communities online lets act like one!



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