Day 1 of Launch Conference… It’s a Blast!

February 23rd, 2011 by Caroline Scheinfeld View Comments

Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Food, Great Ideas, Entrepreneurs and Great Ideas neatly summarizes day 1 of theLaunch Conference. The Bay Area incubates some of the best start up companies, some of which presented at The Launch Conference in San Francisco. While a number of the Launch companies are based in the bay area, other companies traveled from Africa, London, Singapore, and a myriad of other International/Domestic cities. The companies presented a breadth of ideas, ranging from new event meetup sites to real time location based textmessages. Two sites stood out as completely unique and useful: GreenGoose and TripBod.

GreenGoose would have been useful during the childhood days of parents rearing children maintain personal hygiene. Remember the days of parents badgering you to brush your teeth, drink lots of water, exercise, and take your vitamins??? GreenGoose enables you to fulfill all of those tasks but earn points for them as if life’s a game. GreenGoose transforms mundane human behaviors into fun activities, which can be tracked. Who knew, brushing your teeth could be an online game? GreenGoose is not only fun for competitive healthy lifestylers but also provides marketing channels for big brands. For example, if you rack up the vitamin user points, the Vitamin Shop might send you coupons or suggestions to take additional vitamins to maintain your health. GreenGoose sends you sensors marked appropriately for water, tooth brush etc, which you place on the specified objects in order to keep track of your usage. Finally, being recognized for making healthy choices not only benefits your body but earnsGreenGoose points!!!

While GreenGoose monitors/motivates wellness, TripBod improves travel. Ever travel to a city and feel your experience and wallet are being ripped off? Desire to be a part of the local vibe of a city rather than be at the mercy of a Hotel concierge? Check out TripBods, a London based company, which couples travelers with locals who reside in the city intended for visit. The locals, known as the TripBods, are paid to assist travelers in planning an itinerary. The TripBods peel away any tourist element of a city, revealing the delectable fruit known as the local experience. Resturants, stores, bars and other activities untapped by tourists are revealed by the TripBods. You can live like a New Yorker rather spend three days in Times Square buying I HEART NY junk, you overpaid for and will never wear.

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