1 Month Down!

November 8th, 2010 by Caroline Scheinfeld View Comments

A month plus at Zelkova Ventures has come and gone, which means I have more V.C. info to ponder upon. After a handful of inspiring conferences, meetings and time with Jay, I can provide my readers with the emerging trends of the online world.

A common thread amongst new sites is the bridge between traditional behaviors and technology. It appears many members of society feel nostalgic for older ways but with busy schedules, lack the time or means to do so. Sites like Farmville illustrate the modernization of archaic practices. While the world is becoming more impersonal and technologically dependent, the simpler ways of life seem to be intangible.  In addition, the omnipresence of social media has re-instated the importance of community, just manifested virtually.

In addition to revising old ways, entrepreneurs see the democratization of many industries as the way of the future. As communities re-emerge, new sites take advantage of one’s desire to feel a sense of camaraderie and have a voice. With a sense of involvement, engagement on sites will most likely increase. For examples, check out fashionstake.com and indiegogo.com.

Word of Mouth referrals no longer carry the weight they used to, due to information available online. Today, entrepreneurs are creating sites, which pre-screen potential referrals from many industries.  A simple referral over the phone or in person is not enough to validate someone. Now, people resort to the Internet to perform further research on any recommendation. With the help of certain social media sites, professionals and other types of referrals can be vetted by online sites first and then by online users. Not online will the sites authenticate people, but site users will also be able to voice their opinion. Online users do not have to sort through google or other search engine results, with the emergence of referral sites.

In my opinion, the immense passion and innovation in the start-up world is unparalleled in any other industry. With intelligence and a keen understanding for people, entrepreneurs are able to add value as well as make life more efficient for the rest of society. Entrepreneurs keep innovating and Venture Capitalist’s keep making great decisions and enabling dreams to become reality!



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